Leading Criminal Tax Attorneys In Denver

Top-Rated Tax Fraud Lawyer Representation In Denver, Colorado

At Silver Law, you will find a team of expert Denver criminal tax defense attorneys with over 100 combined years of experience and knowledge. We represent individuals and businesses who are facing tax fraud charges from the IRS, and are capable of defending your rights in both local and national courts.

Experienced Defense Criminal Tax Law Firm

Each of our Denver criminal tax lawyers at Silver Law PLC brings personal experience as a former IRS lawyer into our current work. This allows us a unique edge as we know exactly what the IRS is looking for and how to defend against it. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to your advantage.

Tax Expert Witness Testimony Services In Superior & All Federal Courts Throughout The U.S.

Silver Law’s Lawyers Can Defend You Against The Following Criminal Tax Charges

Our legal team at Silver is equipped with the tools and resources necessary to provide aggressive, thorough representation for your rights. As skilled Denver tax defense lawyers, we can defend against a variety of charges including:

Tax Fraud Investigation Expert Witness

Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud

Criminal tax fraud is considered a very serious offense in Colorado. Let our skilled Denver tax defense attorneys at Silver Law protect your rights and defend you against these charges at both a local and national level.

Expert Witness Assistance For IRS Audits

Criminal Tax Evasion Charges

Allegations of criminal tax evasion, asset concealment, underpayment, non-payment, or tax avoidance can be difficult to defend against, but our reputable Denver criminal tax fraud lawyers at Silver Law are prepared to protect your rights and build a strategic defense.

Fraud & Forensic Accounting Expert Witness

Failure To File A Tax Return Accusations

If you or your business has been accused of failure to file a tax return and you are unsure what to do next, consult with our Denver tax return attorneys at Silver Law, PLC for legal guidance.

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers Helping Denver Residents

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers

With a proven track record of success, we are committed to leveraging our legal expertise to protect your rights, negotiate favorable resolutions, and provide you with the comprehensive support you need to navigate IRS tax debt challenges.

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits In Denver

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits

Facing an IRS tax audit? Our seasoned legal team specializes in providing effective and strategic defense against IRS audits, ensuring your rights are protected and working to achieve the most favorable resolution.

Tax Litigation Lawyers For US Tax Court And Federal District Court Claims

Tax Litigation For US Tax Court & Federal District Court Claims

Navigating tax litigation in the US Tax Court and Federal District Court can be complex, but our team is here to help. Trust us to provide expert legal representation, strategic advocacy, and a commitment to protecting your rights!

Attorney Representation For Overstating The Amount OF Tax Deductions

Overstating The Amount Of Tax Deductions

If you’re facing consequences for overstating the amount of tax deductions, Silver law is here to provide comprehensive legal support and representation. Count on us to protect your interests and work towards a favorable solution for your tax matter.

Tax Attorneys For Underreported Income Charges

Underreported Income Charges

Underreporting your income can lead to legal charges and harsh penalties. Our skilled Denver tax attorneys are ready to provide a strong defense and strategic representation for you if you find yourself charged with this offense.

Innocent Spouse Relief Lawyers In Denver

Innocent Spouse Relief

Navigating innocent spouse relief can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone! Trust our attorneys to guide you through the process, advocate for your rights, and work towards a resolution that protects you from unfair tax liabilities.

licensed tax attorneys representing clients on irs tax collection cases

Licensed Tax Attorneys Defending Clients Facing IRS Tax Collection Cases In Denver

In the complex landscape of IRS tax collection cases in Denver, our team of licensed tax attorneys stands as your dedicated defenders. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of tax laws, we specialize in providing strategic and personalized solutions to clients facing IRS challenges. Whether you’re dealing with tax liens, levies, or wage garnishments, our attorneys are committed to navigating the intricate legal terrain on your behalf.

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    Criminal Tax Case Representation From Former IRS Lawyers

    No matter what type of tax fraud allegations you are facing, Silver Law provides the best legal education and guidance for defending your case and clearing your name. As former Denver IRS lawyers, we know tax law like no other and will use that expertise to fight for an optimal outcome in your case.

    Avoid Tax Evasion Penalties With Our Criminal Tax Attorneys

    You can trust our Denver tax evasion defense attorneys at Silver Law to take your tax evasion charges as seriously as you do. Schedule your free initial consultation today and start planning for the resolution you deserve!

    Expert Tax Witnesses for Federal, State & Local Tax Issues

    Preeminent Law Firm On Tax Fraud Resolutions

    With five-star ratings across the web and the AVVO Preeminent Rating for demonstrating a consistently high level of professionalism and integrity, our tax defense lawyers at Silver Law are the #1 choice for anyone in a tax fraud dispute.

    Testimony by Taxation Expert Witnesses

    Litigation For Criminal Tax Cases Involving Disputes With The IRS

    If you have found yourself in a dispute with the IRS and need guidance, contact Silver Law right away for your free consultation. We are ready to help you navigate your next steps and defend your rights against the IRS!

    What Does an Expert Witness Do in a Trial

    Received An IRS Criminal Investigation Letter? Contact Our Criminal Tax Lawyers

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Fraud And Tax Crimes In Denver

      What Is An IRS Special Agent?

      An IRS Special Agent is a law enforcement professional employed by the Criminal Investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service. These agents are responsible for investigating and enforcing criminal violations of the U.S. tax laws. They focus on cases involving tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes. IRS Special Agents have the authority to conduct investigations, gather evidence, and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with tax laws and prosecute individuals or entities engaging in illegal financial activities.

      Can You Go To Jail For Not Filing Taxes?

      Yes, failing to file taxes can potentially lead to criminal charges and imprisonment. While the Internal Revenue Service typically focuses on civil penalties, willful and intentional failure to file taxes can be considered a criminal offense. If convicted of tax evasion for not filing, individuals may face imprisonment, fines, or both. If this is you, seek professional advice from Silver Law and address tax obligations promptly to avoid legal consequences.

      What Is The Difference Between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion?

      Tax avoidance and tax evasion are distinct concepts in the realm of taxation. Tax avoidance involves legally minimizing tax liability through strategic planning and taking advantage of available loopholes within the tax code. It is considered a legitimate practice and is within the boundaries of the law. On the other hand, tax evasion is the illegal act of intentionally not paying taxes owed by underreporting income, inflating deductions, or engaging in fraudulent schemes, leading to criminal charges and severe penalties.

      What Happens If You're Found Guilty For Tax Evasion?

      If found guilty of tax evasion, you may face severe consequences, including substantial fines and penalties. Additionally, individuals convicted of tax evasion can be subject to imprisonment, with sentences varying based on the extent of the offense. The government may also seek restitution for the unpaid taxes. Beyond the legal penalties, a tax evasion conviction can have long-lasting repercussions, including damage to your reputation and potential challenges in securing future employment or loans.

      What Are The Indicators That I Need to Hire A Criminal Tax Attorney?

      You may need to hire a criminal tax attorney if you receive communication from tax authorities indicating a criminal investigation, such as an IRS special agent contacting you. Another indicator is being accused of intentional tax evasion, fraud, or other serious criminal tax offenses. Complexities in your financial transactions, especially those involving offshore accounts, may also warrant the expertise of a criminal tax attorney. If you’re uncertain about your tax compliance or are facing potential criminal charges related to taxes, seeking legal representation promptly from our Denver tax attorneys can help protect your rights and provide guidance through the legal process.

      How Can I Determine The Appropriate Time To Seek Assistance From A Tax Fraud Attorney?

      If you suspect or have been accused of tax fraud, it is crucial to seek assistance from our Silver Law tax fraud attorneys promptly. Signs that may warrant legal help include receiving notices from tax authorities, facing an audit, or being involved in complex financial transactions that could be scrutinized. Additionally, if you unintentionally made errors on your tax returns or if you are unsure about compliance with tax laws, consulting our tax fraud attorneys early on can help prevent potential legal issues.

      How Will Not Filing My Taxes Affect Me?

      Not filing your taxes can lead to serious repercussions, including financial penalties, interest charges, and potential legal consequences. Failure to file may result in the loss of valuable deductions and credits, causing you to pay more than necessary. Additionally, it can negatively impact your credit score and hinder your ability to secure loans or mortgages. Our tax attorneys can be a crucial ally in navigating these complexities, helping you understand your tax obligations, identifying potential deductions, and developing a strategy to address any outstanding issues.

      What Is The Distinction Between A CPA And A Tax Attorney?

      A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a licensed accounting professional focused on financial reporting, compliance, and general accounting services. CPAs often provide tax-related services, including tax preparation and planning. In contrast, a tax attorney is a legal professional specialized in tax law, offering legal advice, representation, and assistance in tax-related matters, disputes, and litigation. While both may address tax issues, CPAs emphasize financial and accounting aspects, while tax attorneys bring legal expertise to navigate complex tax laws.


      If you have any kind of Tax issue and don’t go here you are making a mistake. Extremely professional, caring, and very well done. Highly recommended.

      Ken S. ★★★★★

      Jason helped our business through an audit. Having him there on our side was a great comfort! He has a answer/response to everything and was able to make sure that we were not penalized one penny!

      Michael S. ★★★★★

      Jason resolved problems for me and my business that I saw no end to. He enabled me to successfully run and reestablish my business while he handled all my tax issues. His replies to my concerns were very thoughtful and prompt. If I’m ever in need again, their will be no hesitation in calling Jason.

      Douglass J. ★★★★★

      Extremely knowledgeable. Always a quick response to emails and phone calls! Silver Law is a great company and would recommend them to anyone.

      Dustin V. ★★★★★

      We Offer Legal Representation For Tax-Related Matters Throughout Denver

      Are You Facing Tax Penalties For Failing To File Your Taxes In Capitol Hill?

      Contact Our Lawyers!

      When you’re facing tax fraud allegations in Capitol Hill, contact Silver Law for legal help navigating the complexities of tax law.

      Do You Need Help Handling Tax Collection Matter In Cherry Creek?

      Let Us Know!

      Experience top-rated tax law help in Cherry Creek with our attorneys that boast 100 years of combined experience!

      Are You Concerned About Tax Fraud Or Evasion Accusations In Highland?

      Reach Out To Us!

      Whether you need help with innocent spouse relief, or tax audits in Highland, we have you covered at Silver Law!

      Is The IRS Auditing Or Disputing Your Tax Returns In Five Points?

      Our Tax Attorneys Can Help!

      Each of our attorneys has experience working for the IRS and can give you expert advice for your IRS audit in Five Points.

      Need Assistance In Cheesman Park For Resolving Tax Liens, Levies, Or Installment Agreements?

      Call Us!

      Don’t face your tax dispute in Cheesman Park alone! Contact our tax attorneys for a consultation and get the help you deserve!

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