Examples Of Our Criminal Tax Practice Include:

Getting Your Tax Refund & Property Seized By The IRS

Obtained the return of three million dollars and other property seized by the IRS and other federal agents under an Internal Revenue Code section authorizing the forfeiture of property used or intended to be used in violating the internal revenue laws after litigating in two different states.

Acquittal On Criminal Charges Of Income Tax Evasion

Obtained the acquittal on charges of income tax evasion of a dentist characterized as a tax protester by the IRS who held a good faith belief that he had a constitutional right not to provide information concerning his income on returns he filed, and displayed sincere contrition that he had been misled.

Aggressive Defense Against Tax Evasion Charges

Negotiating a plea to the misdemeanor of failing to supply information in return for the dismissal of conspiracy and tax evasion charges against a businessman involved in a complex international insurance and loan transaction.

Helping Taxpayers Suppress Evidence Seized By IRS Agents

Obtaining an injunction from the United States District Court, suppressing evidence seized by IRS agents in an undercover investigation of a local business owner conducted as part of a national business opportunities sting operation.

Obtaining Judgment Of Acquittal In a Criminal Tax Trial

Obtained a judgment of acquittal for a doctor tried on charges of filing false personal income tax returns.

Plea Bargaining In Misdemeanor Tax Evasion Cases

Negotiated a plea to a one count misdemeanor of failing to supply information in lieu of felony charges for two years of tax evasion and filing false returns against dentist.

Effective Assistance In Obtaining a Permantent Injuction

Obtaining a permanent injunction from the United States District Court which enjoined a criminal investigation of a lawyer conducted in the guise of a civil tax audit and, on appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the suppression of all evidence and leads therefrom illegally gathered by the IRS.

Assisting Taxpayers In Obtaining a New Trial For Failure To File Tax Return Charges

Acting as amicus curiae in obtaining a new trial for a husband and wife convicted in a failure to file case where the state court denied the taxpayers the opportunity to present a good-faith defense.

Criminal Tax Litigation

Represention & Advice For Foreign Nationals Residing In The U.S.

Representing a foreign national residing in the United States before a federal grand jury seeking a written consent to the disclosure of alleged foreign bank records otherwise protected by the laws of the foreign sovereign and in a subsequent contempt proceeding before the United States District Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Representation For CPAs With Criminal Tax Exposure

Obtained a judgment of acquittal for a CPA who when contacted by criminal investigators from the Arizona Department of Revenue had not filed state income tax returns and was subsequently charged with four class two scheme and artifice to defraud felonies and four class five falsifying income tax return felonies which related to allegedly claiming false tax deductions over a four-year period in excess of a half million dollars; in the civil audit to follow, the agreed-upon tax liability without any penalties was less than $2,500 for the four-year period.



Jason Silver is an excellent attorney who delivers on his commitments. I came to Jason in July 2013 with over $50,000 in back Federal Taxes. The IRS had placed Liens on my credit. There was no realistic way I was ever going to pay this off working in the business I was in at the time. What’s worse is that I could not return to my previous career (where I could actually have made enough money to pay off such a large debt) because doing so required State & Federal Licensing that I was disqualified from because of the Tax Lien.

It is now July 2014. My tax debt is gone. Completely gone. Jason negotiated an extraordinary Offer In Compromise with the IRS on my behalf. I met every condition required of me, with Jason’s expert guidance. My Tax Liens have been released and I am currently in the process of renewing the State & Federal Licensing I need to return to a far more lucrative, abundant and fulfilling career.

Tax Law Firm Testimonials

David Masters ★★★★★

What is the single greatest impact Jason Silver has had on my life? I now sleep easy at night, free of fear of what the IRS might be planning for me next.

I went to the Silver Law firm last year with a bizarre situation. Although the situation has not come to a resolution, Jason has been “watching out” for me and keeping me informed as events occur. I am very comfortable with him and his firm.



Silver Law helped me get through an audit for years 2007-2009 with the IRS and then with the AZDOR. There is nobody out there better! Jason is very knowledgeable and helped gameplan everything out to get the best possible resolution to my case. Jason knows his stuff!!

Robert G.


Silver Law helped us through an audit. Having them on our side was a great comfort when dealing with the government. They had an answer/response for every question they had and was able to make sure that we were not penalized one penny!

Michael S.


Complete Defense Against Tax Fraud Allegations

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Federal & White Collar Crime Defense Services

How Does the IRS Determine Tax Fraud?

There are key factors that make tax fraud evident to the IRS, such as:
– Failing intentionally to pay taxes or file payroll tax reports
– Filing a false tax return
– Falsely claim tax deductions and tax credits
– Falsifying a social security number or other documents

What Happens If You Are Found Guilty For Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud is considered one of the most serious types of federal crimes, in other words, a felony. Those found guilty of tax fraud will serve up to five years in federal prison and pay a maximum fine of $100,000.

What's The Difference Between Tax Evasion & Tax Avoidance?

Tax evasion is illegal and involves deliberate failure to pay taxes or providing false information on tax returns, such as underreporting income. On the other hand, tax avoidance is a legal avenue for lessening tax liability and maximizing after-tax income.

When Will I Know If The IRS Is Auditing Me For Tax Evasion?

A Notice of Audit and Examination Scheduled will be issued in most cases. This notice is to inform you that you are being audited by the IRS, and will contain details about the items that need to be reviewed. The IRS will include the deadline to submit these documents, in either a mail audit or an in-person audit.

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