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When it comes to your legal representation, experience counts. The attorneys at Silver Law PLC have more than 80 years of combined experienced representing clients in a variety of tax matters, including time as prosecutors for the Internal Revenue Service. Our attorneys know how cases are pursued from both sides of the aisle, and they have the experience and expertise to put together the legal strategies that are most likely to succeed. We represent Mesa clients in a wide variety of tax matters. Here are a few of the types of cases we represent: mesa tax lawyers silver law plc

Tax Audits

A tax audit can have big ramifications. You should never sit through an audit with a tax lawyer by your side. Our attorneys can advise you in all types of audits and can represent you if you are undergoing the type of audit where it is necessary. With a tax law lawyer on your side, you can minimize your liability. Your attorney will make sure you are taking the right steps, will help you put together the right documentation, and will help make sure you don’t say or do anything that could put you at legal risk.

Innocent Spouse Relief

One reason you might wind up on the IRS’ bad side is that your spouse has done something you don’t even know about, like hide assets or falsify your tax return. You can still be held legally liable for these actions, even if you didn’t know about them. Our attorneys can help you file for innocent spouse relief so that you do not face penalties. It is essential that you work with an attorney to file for this relief since it requires that you meet certain criteria and provide proof.

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Tax Collections

Maybe you were not able to pay your tax bill one year, and now it has gone into tax collections. Or maybe you were found to owe more during an audit and so now you have a bill you can’t pay. Tax collections can quickly grow to become a serious threat since they come with steep fines and penalties and can result in wage garnishment or property seizure. A tax lawyer from our team can help you by negotiating a lower settlement, working out an affordable payment plan, or even auditing your return to find ways to reduce what you owe. We’ll help you understand the options, and we’ll explore all opportunities to help you find relief and to protect your other assets.

Foreign Tax Reporting

Whether you are a business or an individual, you may have worked or invested in another country and have tax obligations. Our attorneys help people understand their obligation to report and pay taxes on income and assets held in other countries. We also advise people on the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative to report on holdings in foreign bank accounts. Don’t think that the IRS won’t find you out because the money or property is in another country. You will still owe money, and an IRS lawyer will come calling.

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Tax Litigation

You may have been accused of criminal wrongdoing, such as tax fraud, or you may be disputing that you owe a tax the IRS says you do. Whatever the matter, our Mesa tax lawyers can represent you in tax litigation. We handle both civil and criminal tax matters, and we can represent clients at all stages of the case, such as during the grand jury investigation or in a courtroom. Our goal is to help you avoid prosecution or to have the civil matter decided in your favor, and we will draw on our experience and knowledge to put together the strongest case on your behalf. we also represent clients on appeal.


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    Tax laws are too complex for anyone besides a tax professional to try to navigate. Do not face off against an IRS lawyer on your own. Call Silver Law PLC to work with a tax lawyer in Mesa who will help you meet your tax obligations and minimize your tax liability. Our tax law lawyers will work hard to help you avoid penalties or to minimize your risk. Call us today to talk with a tax law lawyer and learn more about your legal options.
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