Biden’s Dark Secret: IRS Email Corroborates Whistleblower’s Claim Of DOJ Meddling

IRS internal emails that were released last week provide compelling evidence of a whistleblower’s allegations that Department of Justice officials meddled in the Hunter Biden tax probe by blocking authority to freely charge Hunter Biden according to the evidence. This shocking news may have implications for the ongoing investigations and is in direct conflict to previous statements from the DOJ and others involved in the investigation.

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Whistleblower’s Account Confirmed By Internal IRS Email

Gary Shapley, an IRS supervisory agent with the criminal investigation division and whistleblower who has provided information regarding the IRS investigation of Hunter Biden, had testified regarding the limitations that were placed on the prosecutor in the case. IRS internal emails that were released last week confirm Shapley’s account of meetings in October 2022 between IRS agents and DOJ prosecutors.
After the meeting, Shapley emailed his supervisor, Darrell Waldon, because attorney U.S. Attorney David Weiss had indicated that he did not have the authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C. According to Weiss, he had requested special counsel status from the Justice Department, but his request had been denied.

Shapley wrote in his email summarizing the meeting, “Weiss stated that he is not the deciding person on whether charges are filed…I believe this to be a huge problem – inconsistent with the DOJ public position and Merrick Garland testimony.” Darrell Waldon, who had also attended the meeting, confirmed this information with the reply, “Thanks, Gary. You covered it all.”

This email exchange provides powerful evidence to support Shapley’s claims that the Justice Department interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax probe and that Weiss was not able to act freely. This stands in contrast to the statements from Attorney General Merrick Garland and others who were involved.

U.S. Attorney Says He was Denied Ability To Freely Prosecute Hunter Biden

More recently, Nikki Johnson, who is the director of Headquarters Collection of the Small Business/Self-Employed Division at the IRS, stated that taxpayers can expect to likely see collection notices again at the end of the summer and that the agency has been working hard to determine the best method of initiating notices without overwhelming taxpayers or the agency’s employees. She stated, “We are not obviously going to turn on the spigot and issue all the millions of notices that were suspended.” Other experts in the field agree that initiating all of the past due notices would be detrimental.

IRS Collection Notice Process May Change

Whistleblower Gary Shapley had testified that IRS investigators and Weiss’s office had initially sought felony tax evasion charges for 2014-2018 against Hunter Biden, as he provided details on Biden’s schemes, which included deductions for payments to prostitutes and a sex club in Los Angeles. Instead, Hunter Biden agreed to a plea deal of two misdemeanor charges for failure to pay taxes in 2017 and 2018.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and others may find themselves facing additional scrutiny and investigation as a result of the IRS emails, which conflict with their testimony that the prosecutor had full authority to act in the investigation of Hunter Biden. Weiss had requested authority to charge the case, but Shapley indicated that the “Main DOJ denied his request.” However, the Justice Department still holds that Weiss had “full authority” over the case.

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