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Silver Law, PLC, is a leading tax attorney firm serving the greater Coronado area. With over 100 years of combined experience in the field, our trusted Coronado tax lawyers are ready to provide representation for almost any tax-related matter you may be facing. Our firm is recognized as an industry leader in providing the highest quality defense as we fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests. Call us today to schedule your confidential, obligation-free consultation, where we can discuss your case and your legal options. Whether you’re facing accusations of tax fraud, an IRS audit, or need legal representation for a complex tax matter, our experienced Coronado tax lawyers can help!

Experienced Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm Near You

When you’re facing the IRS, you need legal representation from a Coronado tax attorney firm who understands the laws, knows the process, and will build a solid case on your behalf. All of the attorneys at Silver Law, PLC, are former IRS employees. When we represent clients, we use our experience as well as our comprehensive knowledge and negotiation skills to protect your interests. No matter what tax controversy you are facing, we are ready to defend you.

Certified Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm Providing Legal Services In Coronado

Silver Law’s Tax Attorneys Can Defend You Against The Following Charges

We represent clients facing a wide range of tax controversies, audits, and tax crime accusations. In other cases, we provide legal advice and guidance to help you maintain legal compliance and protect yourself from allegations of tax crimes. We have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and work to continually build our knowledge across all areas of tax law to ensure we can provide the best Coronado tax crime defense.

Lawyers For Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud In Coronado

Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud

If you’ve been accused of criminal tax fraud, call Silver Law, PLC, immediately for legal advice and guidance. We have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses who are facing criminal tax fraud charges or allegations.

Lawyers For Criminal Tax Evasion Charges In Coronado

Criminal Tax Evasion Charges

Charges of criminal tax evasion are serious, and the IRS has an extremely high conviction rate. Call our Coronado tax evasion defense attorneys for representation, legal advice, and experienced guidance throughout the entire process. We can help!

Failure To File A Tax Return Accusations For Clients In Coronado

Failure To File a Tax Return Accusations

Whether you forgot to file a tax return, intentionally chose not to file, or your tax return was filed and got lost, we are ready to provide the legal guidance and representation you need to resolve these accusations from the IRS.

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers Helping Coronado Residents

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers

We can work with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate a new payment plan or additional options if you are facing debt collection for unpaid taxes. Reach out to us today to schedule your confidential consultation!

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits In Coronado

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits

If you’ve received notice of a tax audit, you need representation from a trusted Coronado tax attorney who has extensive experience providing legal defense throughout the entire audit process. Call us for the guidance you need.

Tax Litigation Lawyers For US Tax Court And Federal District Court Claims

Tax Litigation For US Tax Court & Federal District Court Claims

We can collect evidence, prepare arguments, and build a solid case on your behalf, whether you are facing tax litigation in regional or federal court. Our firm has a solid reputation for success!

Attorney Representation For Overstating The Amount OF Tax Deductions

Overstating The Amount Of Tax Deductions

Many taxpayers overstate their tax deductions, but this is tax evasion. If you’ve been audited or are facing allegations of excessive deductions, call your Coronado tax defense attorneys for assistance.

Tax Attorneys For Underreported Income Charges

Underreported Income Charges

Some taxpayers choose to underreport their income in order to avoid taxes or meet specific requirements. When this is discovered, the taxpayer may face serious penalties and criminal charges.

Innocent Spouse Relief In Coronado

Innocent Spouse Relief

We can help relieve you from the need to pay additional taxes if your spouse misreported income on your joint tax return and you were unaware of the errors. Call us to discuss your options!

licensed tax attorneys representing clients on irs tax collection cases

Licensed Tax Attorneys Defending Clients Involved in IRS Tax Collection Cases

When an individual or business owes taxes and refuses to pay them, the IRS can initiate a series of actions to forcibly collect the debt. The agency will sent notices and publications to your address before transferring the debt to a private collection agency. In these cases, you may face liens, account seizure, and other consequences for continued failure or refusal to pay your tax debts. Call the experienced Coronado tax collection lawyers at Silver Law, PLC, for representation and assistance with negotiation.

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    Criminal Tax Case Representation Provided By Former IRS Lawyers

    The IRS has a criminal investigation arm that boasts a conviction rate of over 90 percent. Dedicated IRS agents have authority to subpoena bank records and financial data, and may obtain search warrants. Criminal tax cases can range from Ponzi schemes to COVID relief fraud to tax evasion. No matter what charges you’re facing, representation from an experienced Coronado tax defense attorney is essential. Silver Law, PLC, will build an aggressive defense on your behalf as we fight to protect your rights and interests and promote the best possible outcome.

    Prevent Tax Evasion Penalties With Our Team Of Criminal Tax Attorneys

    Tax evasion is the failure to pay taxes or the deliberate underpayment of your taxes, and is taken very seriously by the IRS. If convicted, you may face up to five years in person and a $250,000 fine. Our Coronado tax evasion lawyers can help you prevent penalties and provide aggressive defense on your behalf.

    Avoid Tax Evasion Audits And Penalties With Our Criminal Tax Attorneys

    #1 Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm On Tax Fraud Resolutions

    Willfully and intentionally making false or deceptive statements on tax returns can be prosecuted as tax fraud, which carries serious penalties. Silver Law, PLC, provides the highest rated Coronado criminal tax defense and is ready to provide legal defense, guidance, and representation to resolve your dispute.

    Prevent Tax Evasion Penalties In Coronado With Our Team Of Criminal Tax Attorneys

    Criminal Tax Litigation Representation In IRS Disputes

    Facing a dispute with the IRS can be overwhelming and frightening. Our experienced Coronado tax attorneys have seen it all and can help you understand the process, be prepared for meetings, and provide representation.

    Experienced Criminal Tax Litigation Lawyer Representing Clients On IRS Disputes

    Received An IRS Criminal Investigation Letter? Our Tax Attorneys are Here to Assist You

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Crimes

      What Is An IRS Special Agent?

      IRS special agents typically work for the criminal investigation arm of the IRS. Their job responsibilities include conducting audits, investigating criminal tax violations and cryptocurrency crime, gathering evidence for cases, investigating suspected money laundering, and more related to investigation and prosecution of tax crimes. Being contacted by an IRS special agent can be intimidating, but you don’t need to face them alone! Call the trusted Coronado tax crime defense attorneys at Silver Law, PLC, to discuss your legal options and obtain trusted representation.

      Can You Go To Jail For Not Filing Taxes?

      Some individuals do not need to file a tax return each year. However, the majority of individuals and business owners will need to file a tax return in a timely fashion or face consequences. Unless it becomes a criminal conviction, you will not face jail or prison for failure to file taxes, but you will be assessed a Failure to File Penalty. In most cases, this penalty is 5% of their unpaid tax liability for each money that their return is late, up to 25%.

      What Is The Difference Between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion?

      Tax avoidance is the legal process of lowering your overall tax obligation through careful transactions and planning. This can include utilizing tax incentives, deductions, charitable contributions, and other elements of financial planning, often under the advice of a Coronado tax attorney or other tax professional.

      Tax evasion is a crime. In these cases, a taxpayer intentionally and willfully hides, omits, or falsifies information in order to reduce their tax liability. The intent is to deceive the IRS and lower their tax burden. Ultimately, whether an individual is prosecuted and the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion may come down to whether the individual had fraudulent intent with their actions.

      What Happens If You're Found Guilty For Tax Evasion?

      Individuals or businesses who are suspected of tax evasion may be subject to investigation from the criminal investigative branch of the IRS, known as IRS-CI. The special agents who work for this branch have authority to perform a wide variety of actions as they investigate and prosecute you for tax evasion. The IRS-CI aggressively prosecutes these cases and has a conviction rate of over 90%. If you’re found guilty of tax evasion, you may face 3-5 years in prison along with fines in excess of $200,000. Consult with an experienced Coronado tax evasion attorney immediately if you’re facing charges or suspect you are under IRS investigation.

      What Are The Indicators That I Need to Hire A Criminal Tax Attorney?

      If you’re under investigation from the IRS, you may notice multiple signs. IRS special agents may subpoena your bank records or accountant. Previous tax returns that you’ve filed may suddenly be audited, you may receive document or bank records requests. If you’ve already been working with an IRS agent, they may suddenly stop communicating with you or may begin asking questions about your intent. If you notice any of these signs of investigation, call the trusted Coronado tax crime defense lawyers for advice.

      How Can I Determine The Appropriate Time To Seek Assistance From A Tax Fraud Attorney?

      There are many reasons why individuals or businesses may seek assistance from a Coronado tax fraud attorney. Some of these situations include:
      –You receive a notice from the IRS regarding an audit
      –You want to contest or negotiate a tax bill
      –Your unpaid taxes have been sent to collections
      –You’re facing allegations of criminal tax activity
      –You suspect you’re under IRS investigation
      –Your spouse is facing criminal tax charges
      –You need guidance on reporting international income or accounts
      –You need guidance on how to report cryptocurrency
      –You have any kind of tax dispute or controversy with the IRS

      How Will Not Filing My Taxes Affect Me?

      Although not everyone is required to file taxes each year, failure to file taxes when you’re required to do so can result in a variety of consequences. You’ll likely be subject to a Failure to File Penalty, which is generally 5% of your unpaid tax liability for each money that your return is late, up to 25%. If the IRS believes you are intentionally refusing to report income or hiding assets, you may be criminally prosecuted, which can result in years of prison and hefty fines. If you do not file your tax return, you will not be able to claim your tax return if you are owed one.

      What Is The Distinction Between A CPA And A Tax Attorney?

      Tax attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are similar and complementary, but different, professionals who assist taxpayers with their taxes, financial records, and financial planning. CPAs provide tax preparation services, as well as other financial services, such as assistance with payroll, bookkeeping, documentation, fraud prevention, help with the structure of your business, and offering budgeting advice. A tax attorney is a trained and experienced lawyer who can give legal advice on tax-related matters, provide representation in negotiation and litigation, and can draft legal documents on your behalf. If you’re facing an audit, IRS investigation, or charges of a tax crime, you’ll want to work with a Coronado tax attorney.

      Read Our Clients’ Testimonials

      “I had a sticky issue with an offshore precious metals account and the IRS. Jason worked diligently on my case over the span of two years. He finally got it resolved and I was very pleased with the outcome. Jason really knows his stuff and I recommend him without reservation.”

      Daniel V. ★★★★★

      “Jason resolved problems for me and my business that I saw no end to. He enabled me to successfully run and reestablish my business while he handled all my tax issues. His replies to my concerns were very thoughtful and prompt. If I’m ever in need again, their will be no hesitation in calling Jason.”

      Douglass J. ★★★★★

      “Professional, timely and effective! Chris Sheldon’s knowledge of Corporate tax law and his experience with difficult cases, has made our tax problems all but disappear. More than that, he took our fears away. Thank you so much.”

      Lori C. ★★★★★

      “Jason helped our business through an audit. Having him there on our side was a great comfort! He has a answer/response to everything and was able to make sure that we were not penalized one penny!”

      Michael S. ★★★★★

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