Five Star Colorado Criminal Tax Attorneys

Experienced Criminal Tax Crime Lawyers In Colorado

Silver Law is an experienced team of Colorado criminal tax lawyers that specializes in representing individuals and corporations involved with IRS tax investigations. With over 50 combined years of experience and skill, we will protect your rights and defend your case in state and national courts.

Trusted Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm In Colorado

Our Colorado criminal tax defense attorneys are former IRS lawyers, which allows us to see all sides of a tax dispute and create the best strategy for moving forward. Our experience gives us unmatched knowledge and skill in each case.

At Silver Law, our Colorado criminal tax defense attorneys leverage their unique background as former IRS lawyers to deliver unparalleled representation. This inside perspective on IRS operations enhances our ability to devise effective defense strategies, ensuring our clients receive the most competent and insightful legal counsel available in Colorado for resolving complex tax disputes. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our track record of success, providing our clients with the confidence and assurance they need when facing tax-related legal challenges.

Certified Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm Providing Legal Services In Coronado

Common Criminal Tax Charges Silver Law PLC Defends Against

Silver Law is capable of defending you in both state and national courts, as you face a variety of tax controversies.

Lawyers For Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud In Coronado

Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud

Our Colorado tax litigation lawyers will skillfully defend your rights when you are charged with tax fraud.

Lawyers For Criminal Tax Evasion Charges In Coronado

Criminal Tax Evasion Charges

If you are facing charges of tax evasion, asset concealment, non-payment, or underpayment, let our Colorado tax lawyers help!

Failure To File A Tax Return Accusations For Clients In Coronado

Failure To File a Tax Failure To File A Tax Return Accusations

When you are accused of failure to file a return, Silver Law PLC will represent your case in court.

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers Helping Coronado Residents

IRS Tax Debt Charges

Silver Law PLC expertly defends clients against IRS tax debt charges, using strategic legal approaches to challenge allegations and seek favorable resolutions in complex tax debt cases.

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits In Coronado

Underreported Income Charges

Our attorneys are skilled in defending against underreported income charges, meticulously analyzing financial records and employing robust defense tactics to contest the accuracy of the IRS’s claims.

Tax Litigation Lawyers For US Tax Court And Federal District Court Claims

White Collar Crime Accusations

Silver Law provides vigorous defense for clients facing white-collar crime accusations, including tax fraud and evasion, leveraging extensive legal knowledge to protect your rights and reputation.

licensed tax attorneys representing clients on irs tax collection cases

Licensed Tax Attorneys Who Provide Defense For Clients Dealing With IRS Tax Collection Cases In Colorado

Our licensed tax attorneys specialize in defending clients across Colorado in IRS tax collection cases, providing expert legal counsel and representation. With a deep understanding of both state and federal tax laws, our team navigates the complexities of IRS proceedings, from audits to appeals. We’re committed to offering personalized strategies to address and resolve your tax issues, aiming to minimize liabilities and protect your financial interests. Whether you’re facing liens, levies, or contentious tax disputes, trust our experienced attorneys to deliver the dedicated and effective defense you need during these challenging times. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome while ensuring your rights are upheld throughout the process.

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    Criminal Tax Case Representation From Former IRS Lawyers

    As former Colorado IRS attorneys, Silver Law carries vital knowledge that allows us to successfully defend your rights.

    Avoid Tax Evasion Penalties With Our Criminal Tax Attorneys

    Tax evasion is a serious offense that results in civil and criminal punishment. If you are facing charges, contact our Colorado criminal tax attorneys at Silver Law immediately for expert, skilled representation.

    Avoid Tax Evasion Audits And Penalties With Our Criminal Tax Attorneys

    Preeminent Law Firm On Tax Fraud Resolutions

    With a strong history of successfully representing clients who are facing a variety of tax fraud charges, Silver Law PLC will negotiate for resolution and fight for your rights confidently, efficiently, and knowledgeably.

    Prevent Tax Evasion Penalties In Coronado With Our Team Of Criminal Tax Attorneys

    Criminal Tax Litigation Against IRS Disputes

    When you need reliable legal defense and exceptional Colorado tax audit representation, contact Silver Law PLC today. Our capable attorneys will build a successful defense and do everything possible to resolve your tax concern discreetly.

    Experienced Criminal Tax Litigation Lawyer Representing Clients On IRS Disputes

    Need Help Responding an IRS Criminal Investigation Notice? Our Tax Attorneys Are Ready to Help.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Fraud And Tax Crimes In Denver

      What Is An IRS Special Agent?

      An IRS Special Agent is a federal law enforcement officer specializing in tax-related investigations under the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS. These agents are tasked with examining complex tax documents, financial records, and other related data to uncover potential tax evasion, fraud, and other financial crimes. Their role is pivotal in enforcing tax laws and ensuring compliance, using their expertise in accounting and law to delve into cases that may involve intricate financial transactions and potential criminal activity.

      Special Agents conduct thorough investigations that can lead to criminal charges against individuals or entities suspected of violating tax laws. Their work often involves collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and spans various stages, including collection of evidence, interviews with suspects, and testifying in court. The objective is not only to identify and prosecute tax offenders but also to deter future violations, playing a critical role in maintaining the integrity of the nation’s tax system. Their dedication and specialized skills make them key players in the fight against financial crimes within the United States.

      Can You Go To Jail For Not Filing Taxes?

      Yes, failing to file taxes can lead to criminal charges, including jail time, especially if the failure is deemed willful and with intent to evade taxes. The IRS distinguishes between simple non-filing and more severe cases involving tax evasion. While not every case of unfiled taxes results in jail time, the possibility exists, particularly when significant amounts are owed, and there is evidence of fraudulent intent.

      The consequences for not filing taxes range from penalties and interest on the owed amount to prosecution for tax evasion, which can result in imprisonment. The IRS encourages taxpayers to file their returns or amend any mistakes to avoid severe penalties. It’s crucial to address tax issues promptly and seek professional advice to resolve outstanding obligations and minimize the risk of criminal charges, as the IRS typically prefers to settle tax debts through financial repayment rather than criminal prosecution.

      What Is The Difference Between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion?

      Tax avoidance is the legal practice of minimizing tax liability through lawful deductions, credits, and exemptions. Individuals and businesses engage in tax avoidance by strategically planning their financial affairs to reduce taxes owed, adhering to the tax code’s guidelines. This practice is considered prudent financial planning, as it takes advantage of legal ways to reduce tax obligations without violating the law.

      In contrast, tax evasion is the illegal act of deliberately not paying or underpaying taxes. This involves deceitful tactics like underreporting income, inflating deductions, or hiding money and transactions from the tax authorities. Tax evasion is a criminal offense that can result in significant penalties, including fines and imprisonment. The key difference lies in legality: tax avoidance operates within the legal framework, whereas tax evasion involves breaking the law to avoid tax liabilities.

      What Happens If You're Found Guilty For Tax Evasion?

      If you’re found guilty of tax evasion, you face serious legal consequences, including hefty fines and the possibility of imprisonment. The penalties depend on the severity of the evasion, with the courts considering the amount of tax owed and the methods used to evade payment. Conviction can also lead to a criminal record, impacting future employment and financial opportunities.

      Beyond legal penalties, being convicted of tax evasion can have long-lasting repercussions on your personal and professional life. It can damage your reputation, result in loss of professional licenses, and lead to increased scrutiny from the IRS in the future. The stigma attached to a conviction can affect relationships with business partners, financial institutions, and within your community, underscoring the importance of adhering to tax laws and seeking professional advice if you’re unsure about your tax obligations.

      What Are The Indicators That I Need to Hire A Criminal Tax Attorney?

      You may need to hire a criminal tax attorney if you’re facing an IRS audit and there are concerns about the accuracy of your tax returns, especially if there is potential for criminal charges. Indicators include the IRS questioning the legitimacy of your deductions or income, or if you’re accused of intentionally underreporting income. When the situation escalates beyond a simple audit into potential criminal investigation territory, legal representation becomes crucial.

      Another sign is if you receive a notice that you’re subject to a criminal tax investigation or if you’re charged with tax evasion or fraud. These are serious accusations that can lead to severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. An experienced criminal tax attorney can provide the necessary defense strategy and help navigate the complex legal proceedings, protecting your rights and aiming to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

      How Can I Determine The Appropriate Time To Seek Assistance From A Tax Fraud Attorney?

      The appropriate time to seek assistance from a tax fraud attorney is when you first suspect or are informed of potential issues with your taxes that could lead to accusations of fraud. This could be upon receiving communication from the IRS about discrepancies or audits that question the integrity of your tax filings. Early intervention by a tax fraud attorney can provide preemptive strategies and possibly mitigate legal repercussions.

      Additionally, if you are facing charges or under investigation for tax fraud, it’s imperative to secure legal representation immediately. A tax fraud attorney can navigate the complex legal proceedings, safeguard your rights, and work towards a favorable resolution. Their expertise is crucial in understanding the charges, developing a defense strategy, and representing you effectively in dealings with tax authorities and in court. Waiting too long can limit your defense options and potentially worsen the outcome.

      How Will Not Filing My Taxes Affect Me?

      Not filing your taxes can lead to a range of negative consequences, starting with penalties and interest on the taxes owed. The longer you delay, the more these charges accumulate, increasing your financial burden. The IRS may also enforce collection actions, like garnishing wages or seizing assets, to recover the taxes due.

      Beyond financial implications, failing to file taxes can lead to legal issues, including potential criminal charges for tax evasion. This can affect your credit score, making it difficult to obtain loans or mortgages. Additionally, there’s a psychological impact, as the stress and worry associated with unresolved tax issues can be significant. It’s crucial to address tax filing issues promptly to avoid these escalating consequences.

      What Is The Distinction Between A CPA And A Tax Attorney?

      A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) specializes in accounting and is qualified to handle bookkeeping, financial analysis, and audit representation. They are experts in preparing and reviewing financial documents and can offer guidance on tax planning based on current laws. CPAs are invaluable for ensuring compliance with tax regulations and optimizing financial health.

      A tax attorney, on the other hand, specializes in tax law and provides legal advice, particularly in complex tax issues, disputes, or when dealing with legal proceedings related to taxes. They are equipped to handle legal negotiations, represent clients in court, and offer expertise on the legal implications of various financial decisions. While both professionals can assist with tax matters, a tax attorney is your go-to for legal advice and representation in more complex tax-related legal matters.


      “If you have any kind of Tax issue and don’t go here you are making a mistake. Extremely professional, caring, and very well done. Highly recommended.”

      Ken S. ★★★★★

      “Jason helped our business through an audit. Having him there on our side was a great comfort! He has a answer/response to everything and was able to make sure that we were not penalized one penny!”

      Michael S. ★★★★★

      “Jason resolved problems for me and my business that I saw no end to. He enabled me to successfully run and reestablish my business while he handled all my tax issues. His replies to my concerns were very thoughtful and prompt. If I’m ever in need again, their will be no hesitation in calling Jason.”

      Douglass J. ★★★★★

      “Extremely knowledgeable. Always a quick response to emails and phone calls! Silver Law is a great company and would recommend them to anyone.”

      Dustin V. ★★★★★

      We Offer Legal Representation For Tax-Related Matters Throughout Colorado

      Are You Facing Tax Penalties For Failing To File Your Taxes In Denver?

      Contact Our Lawyers!

      Our legal team specializes in defending Denver residents facing penalties for not filing taxes, offering strategic guidance and solutions.

      Do You Need Help Handling Tax Collection Matter In Colorado Springs?

      Give Us A Call!

      In Colorado Springs, we assist individuals and businesses in managing and resolving tax collection matters effectively.

      Concerned About Tax Fraud Or Evasion Accusations In Aurora?

      We’re Here to Support You!

      If you’re in Aurora and accused of tax fraud or evasion, our experienced attorneys provide robust defense strategies.

      Is The IRS Auditing Or Disputing Your Tax Returns In Fort Collins?

      Our Tax Attorneys Can Help!

      Facing IRS audits or disputes in Fort Collins? Our attorneys offer expert representation to challenge and resolve issues.

      Need Assistance In Lakewood For Resolving Tax Liens, Levies, Or Installment Agreements?

      Call Us!

      Need help in Lakewood with tax liens, levies, or negotiating installment agreements? Our team delivers personalized assistance.

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