Got an IRS Notice? Don’t Panic

Opening your mailbox and finding anything marked from the IRS can fill you with dread – unless it’s about time for you to get a refund. But even when you’re expecting a refund, you can still have a moment where you see that letter and expect the worst. But even if you are getting a notice from the IRS that something was wrong with your return, you don’t have to panic. There are a lot of reasons that you could be getting the notice, and many times, the situation is easily resolved.

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Notice of Adjustment

Most often, the notice you will get in the mail is a CP 2000 notice, which lets you know that that IRS has spotted an error on your return and is proposing an adjustment. Typically, the IRS sends this notice when it has different information on file than what you reported on your return. For example, you may have earned interest from an account that you forgot to report, but your bank has sent the IRS notice of the income. Or you may be a freelancer, and you may have displaced a 1099 form and forgotten to report it on your return. The IRS has that 1099, and it expects you to pay the taxes on that income.

Usually, the notice you receive will include information about the error, as well as the adjustment required for your return. So, if the new information requires you to pay more taxes, the notice will let you how much you owe, as well as information about how to pay that amount. If the new information means that you’ll get a bigger refund, the notice will likely include a check or a note that your refund will be direct deposited into your bank account.

Know that if you do end up owing more money because of the adjustment, you are likely going to have to pay interest and penalties also. It won’t matter that you made an honest mistake or if you didn’t have the information you needed when you filed your return. It is your responsibility to submit a complete and accurate return, so you will still be responsible for any interest or penalties.

Notice of an Audit

An audit notice will be clearly labelled, and it will usually include information on what areas the IRS is auditing. You may be contacted by phone, or you may be visited by an IRS revenue agent.

It is important that you contact a tax attorney to represent you during the audit. Your Gilbert tax lawyer can help you protect your rights and guide you through the process so that you don’t make any mistakes that could cost you more money or land you in trouble.

Getting Tax Help

Sometimes, you may disagree with the information that the IRS has, and you will need to provide proof to dispute it. Other times, you may realize that the IRS has the correct information, but you now have to pay a lot of money you don’t have (or that you would just rather not pay). An experienced tax attorney in Gilbert can help you in either scenario.

If you need to dispute the information the IRS has, your attorney in Gilbert can help you find the right documentation and ensure that you do not create more problems for yourself.

If you have received a notice from the IRS, the experienced tax attorneys at Silver Law PLC may be able to help you. Our attorneys will help you determine the best way to respond to minimize your financial obligation and to reduce your risk of other penalties. If your case progresses, our attorneys can represent you in litigation or in criminal proceedings. All of our attorneys have worked for the IRS in the Office of Chief Counsel, so they know how these cases are handled. Contact us in Arizona or Nevada today to talk with an experienced tax lawyer to learn about your legal options.

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