IRS Implements Tax Compliance Education

The IRS utilizes a number of strategies to ensure that individuals and businesses pay the taxes they owe and to do so on time. The agency provides plenty of information and education to ensure that people and businesses know what their rights and responsibilities are, and it uses a number of tools to catch errors or to notify people when corrections need to be made.

The audit has long been a useful tool for the IRS to ensure proper tax payment. Now the IRS is expanding its efforts with face-to-face visits with revenue officers.

With this new effort, the IRS will be focusing on increasing revenue officers in places that have been historically underserved. The in-person visits will take place with taxpayers who had a known tax issue but who were not able to resolve the issue by mail. Typically, revenue officers will also work on issues such as missing returns. They may review financial information during these visits, and they will provide information to the taxpayer about how to become compliant. The goal of these visits is to not only bring the taxpayer into compliance, but to also create greater understanding of the tax code to reduce errors and penalties.

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Identifying Potential Scams

Not all visits from a revenue officer are announced first. Many people may first learn they are going to get such a visit only when they hear the bell and open the front door. Some get letters or phone calls letting them know what’s to come, but not all do. However, everyone should have been contacted by mail about the tax problem, even if they weren’t notified by mail of the impending visit from the revenue officer.

Because of that, it is important that people know how to identify legitimate visits from revenue officers, as opposed to predatory visits from unethical scam artists trying to make a buck dishonestly.

The IRS warns that any person who comes to your door claiming to be a revenue officer should have two forms of official credentials, including a serial number and a badge with an employee photo. If the person does not show this item without being asked, you can request to see them. If the person refuses, there’s obviously a reason to be suspicious. Don’t let this person in your house, and don’t share any personal information.

No legitimate revenue officer will make threats or demand unusual payment. Legitimate revenue officers should clearly explain the tax law and the amount owed, including the penalties and the reason for those penalties. Revenue officers can collect payment, but they will present a range of payment options, including writing a check or paying with a credit card, both of which go to the IRS directly.

The IRS provides additional information about identifying potential scams, as well as how to report those scams, on their website here.

Getting Tax Help

Knowledge is power when it comes to your taxes. Many people make simple mistakes on their taxes that end up costing them dearly in interest and penalties. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not a defense. Therefore, it’s a positive step that the IRS is making moves like these to improve taxpayer awareness and compliance.

However, you should also take proactive measures, including working with a Gilbert tax attorney to understand your tax rights and responsibilities.

If you have been notified that there is a problem with your taxes or that you are going to be visited by a revenue officer, you should call Silver Law PLC in Arizona. Our Gilbert tax attorneys are experienced IRS professionals who now work to represent individuals and businesses in both civil and criminal tax matters. We represent clients who are being audited, those seeking innocent spouse relief, those dealing with foreign tax reporting requirements, those involved in tax litigation, and more. Our attorneys have all worked for the IRS in the past, so they understand how these cases are handled from both sides of the aisle. Contact us today to learn about your legal options and to get proper legal representation. We may be able to help you avoid tax penalties or to reduce the amount you owe.

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