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At Silver Law, PLC, you will find a skilled team of Tempe tax lawyers who specialize in defending clients facing tax fraud charges from the IRS. With over 80 combined years of experience with Arizona tax law and IRS requirements, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to advise and defend you against a variety of tax fraud charges in both local and national court. Contact Silver Law today for aggressive defense and sound legal counsel as you navigate the charges against you from the IRS.

Skilled & Experienced Lawyers For IRS Tax Collection Cases

Tax laws are too complex for anyone besides a tax professional to try to navigate. Do not face off against an IRS lawyer on your own. Call Silver Law PLC to work with a tax lawyer in Mesa who will help you meet your tax obligations and minimize your tax liability. Our tax law lawyers will work hard to help you avoid penalties or to minimize your risk. Call us today to talk with a tax law lawyer and learn more about your legal options.

Tax Collection Attorneys Near Tempe Specializing In Tax Fraud & Litigation

Experience and expertise are the two cornerstones of a sound legal defense when you are dealing with the IRS. The tax code is so complex that you need a lawyer who understands all the ins and outs, and who also has the experience and know how to create a solid legal defense that will minimize your risks and help you avoid penalties. The Tempe, Arizona tax lawyers at Silver Law PLC have more than 80 years of experience between them, and they are ready to put their expertise to work defending you against tax litigation or representing you in tax audits and other tax matters. Our tax lawyers have also worked for the Internal Revenue Service, so they understand how these cases are handled from both sides of the aisle. Some of the many tax matters that our Tempe, Arizona tax law lawyers represent include:

Lawyers For Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud In Tempe

Allegations Of Criminal Tax Fraud

The IRS takes allegations of criminal tax fraud very seriously and will prosecute alleged offenders aggressively. Our tax lawyers have experience defending clients against these types of charges, and we understand the complex legal issues involved. We will work hard to help you minimize the risks of criminal prosecution if that is an option. Our tax attorneys are experienced in resolving these cases without resorting to litigation, although they are prepared to represent your interests fully in court when necessary.

Innocent Spouse Relief Lawyers In Tempe, AZ

Innocent Spouse Relief

Your spouse may not have always been as honest as you believed. Your spouse could have hid money from you that was not reported on the return, or your spouse could have intentionally lied about other items on your joint return. Simply claiming that you didn’t know about these things won’t be enough to get you off the hook with the IRS. You need an experienced tax law lawyer who can help you file for innocent spouse relief and avoid penalties. Our attorneys will help you protect your rights and get to the bottom of what your spouse was hiding.

Foreign Tax Reporting Lawyers Providing Services In Tempe

Foreign Tax Reporting

If you own a business, you may find that there are many benefits to operating some parts of your business overseas. Yet if you don’t understand all your tax responsibilities, you can easily make a big mistake that costs you a lot of money and even leads to criminal prosecution. Our attorneys can help you understanding your foreign tax reporting options, as well as provide information about the offshore voluntary disclosure initiative. We’ll help you understand your obligations for reporting profits, bank accounts, property, and other assets.

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers Helping Tempe Residents

IRS Tax Debt Collection Lawyers

Maybe you have already been through an audit and were found to owe a lot of money, but you were unable to pay it and now you are facing collections. Or maybe you just didn’t file one year or didn’t pay because you did not have the means. If you are in collections with the IRS, you need a good tax lawyer on your side. Your lawyer may be able to audit your return and get your balance down, or your lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement that reduces what you owe. Don’t let the IRS garnish your wages or take your future returns. Work with a tax law lawyer to protect your income and your legal rights.

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits

Legal Defense For IRS Tax Audits

Getting a notice that you are going to be audited is never welcome news, whether it is for your individual return or your business taxes. You should never show up to this tax audit yourself, or you put yourself at risk. A tax lawyer from our team can represent you to make sure that all your deductions and credits are taken and that no information is misinterpreted to cause you to owe more money. Your tax law lawyer will also guide you through the process so that you do not say or do anything that can make the situation worse. If you have already been through an audit, a Tempe tax lawyer from our team can help you to appeal the findings. You still have options, even if a ruling has been issued. Let a tax law lawyer from our team help you.

Tax Litigation In Tempe For US Tax Court And Federal District Court Claims

Tax Litigation For US Tax Court & Federal District Court Claims

Finally, we represent clients involved in all kinds of tax litigation, both at the state and federal level. We represent individual clients and corporate clients, and we can handle the case from beginning all the way to appeals. Our experience representing clients for several decades and prosecuting people for the IRS pays off here especially since we know how to create a defense that gets results. Call us in Tempe, Arizona today to talk with a tax lawyer about your concern or your questions. We’re ready to help you protect your legal rights and fight to minimize your tax burden and potential liability.

Top-Rated Civil & Criminal Tax Defense Law Firm Near You

Each of our Mesa criminal tax defense attorneys at Silver Law carry experience as former IRS lawyers. This experience gives us an edge with valuable insight into exactly what the IRS will be looking for during their investigation, and how to strategically defend you against it. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the allegations against you.

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    Civil & Criminal Tax Case Representation From Former IRS Lawyers

    Because we have inside knowledge about IRS processes and strategies, you can trust that Silver Law is equipped to fight effectively on your behalf. No matter what allegations you are facing, our Mesa tax evasion defense lawyers are not afraid to take on the IRS and achieve an optimal outcome for your situation.

    Avoid Tax Evasion Penalties With The Help Of Our Tax Collection Attorneys

    If you or your business are facing charges of tax evasion or failure to file a tax return, you can expect Silver Law to take your charges as seriously as you do. We believe that you deserve to be represented by an experienced attorney.

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    Top Choice Criminal Defense Law Firm On Tax Fraud Resolutions

    Silver Law is proud to carry countless five-star ratings from satisfied clients and the AVVO Preeminent Rating for consistently demonstrating the highest level of integrity and ethics as we defend our clients against tax fraud charges. Let us help you find the resolution you deserve!

    Criminal Defense Lawyer Working On Tax Fraud Resolutions With Client In Tempe

    Criminal Tax Litigation Attorneys Experienced In IRS Disputes

    If you have found yourself in a dispute with the IRS and are uncertain what to do, consult with our Mesa tax fraud defense lawyers at Silver Law. We are available 24/7 for consultation, guidance, and strategy, and can help you navigate your next steps.

    Criminal Tax Litigation Lawyer Experienced Against IRS Disputes

    Received An IRS Criminal Investigation Letter? Let Our Tax Attorneys Help You

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      Legal Counseling For Tax Collections In Alta Mira, Tempe

      Need Legal Counseling For Tax Collections Near Alta Mira?

      Our Tax Attorneys Are Here To Help You

      If you are facing issues with the IRS, reach out to Silver Law PLC for guidance. We are licensed and prepared to help you walk through the process.

      Legal Representation For Tax Evasion Charges For Maple-Ash Residents

      Facing Tax Evasion Charges Near Maple-Ash?

      Contact Our Former IRS Lawyers Today

      Contact our tax attorneys at Silver Law in Tempe today for expert help navigating tax evasion charges in Maple-Ash. We are on your side from start to finish.

      Tax Fraud Lawyers Serving Cyprus-Shouthwest, Tempe

      Looking For Experienced Tax Fraud Lawyers Near Cyprus-Shouthwest?

      Call Our Law Firm Today!

      The team at Silver Law PLC is available anytime of day or night to offer consultation and sound legal counsel regarding your tax fraud charges.

      Legal Counseling For Tax Litigation Cases Near Tally Ho Farms, Tempe

      Having Difficulties With A Tax Litigation Case In Tally Ho Farms?

      Get In Touch With Our Tax Fraud Lawyers

      If you live in Tally Ho Farms and are facing tax litigation from the IRS, get in touch with our team at Silver Law right away.

      Qualified Tax Collections Lawyers Near Dava-Lakeshore, Tempe

      Need A Qualified Tax Collections Lawyer Near Dava-Lakeshore?

      Contact Our Top-Rated Tax Attorneys

      No matter how complex the charges are against you, Silver Law PLC is an excellent resource with the knowledge and expertise to guide you through it.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Collections

      What Is An IRS Special Agent?

      IRS Special Agents are the ones who are in charge of investigating tax crimes. If one contacts you, that means that they think that you committed a tax crime. After the investigation, they will then determine if you should be charged with a tax crime. They may try to catch you off guard and first meet you in person outside your office or elsewhere. It is important to get a lawyer before speaking with them. We are ready to help there.

      Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Taxes?

      Yes. You could face up to a year in prison for each year you did not file taxes. The IRS and the states take these charges seriously and can be aggressive in pursuing people they believe have broken the law. We are ready to defend you against these charges and will use every bit of our legal knowledge to prepare the best defense for you or your company. If you are a San Diego resident and have been charged, contact us today!

      What Is The Difference Between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion?

      It all depends on your intent. If you try to lessen the liability for you or your company, that is tax avoidance. If you just don’t pay at all or file a return, then that is tax evasion. Contact us at Silver Law PLC if you have been charged with either. We can defend you in any court – local, federal, or even the Supreme Court. Reach out to us today to learn more about the difference between these two.

      What Happens If You're Found Guilty For Tax Evasion?

      The IRS takes this charge very seriously. You could find yourself paying $100,000 in fines and spending up to five years in federal prison. If you find yourself being charged, you need to get the best lawyers to represent you. Like the ones from Silver Law PLC. Our attorneys know IRS law and their thought processes. If you are charged, act quickly and contact us today! We are ready to help you with your tax evasion case.

      Are CPAs The Same As Tax Collection Attorneys?

      A CPA, or a Certified Public Accountant, specialties in taxes and the numbers involved with them. CPAs assist with filing taxes, reviewing tax decisions, and providing insight about IRS requirements. If you have a specific legal concern or are facing an IRS dispute, a tax attorney is better suited to represent you through that process and to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

      What Happens During An IRS Tax Audit?

      An audit is typically handled either through mail or an in-person interview. The interview is held either at the IRS office, or at the taxpayer’s home, business, or accountant’s office, and the purpose is to review the records. The IRS agent will be closely examining the individual’s accounts, financial information, and records to ensure all information has been handled and reported according to the tax laws.

      Can Your Tax Lawyers Help Me Remove A Wage Levy Or Bank Levy?

      Simply put, a levy is a legal action that allows creditors (the IRS) to take funds from your bank account to satisfy your debt. As experienced tax resolution attorneys, Silver Law is equipped to immediately lift any bank levy, wage garnishment, or other IRS collection procedure. After lifting the levy, we begin working with you to show the IRS that you are serious about resolving the debt you owe.

      What Should I Do If I Can't Afford The Taxes I Owe To The IRS?

      If you are facing a tax debt and are unable to pay it, it is important to contact a qualified tax attorney or accountant right away. You should still file a return and pay as much as you can by the due date. At the same time, you can apply for an installment payment plan by attaching a Form 9465 to the front of your tax return paperwork.

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